Sunday, July 29, 2007

Waiting Period for Remarriage

I am recently divorced. How long do I have to wait to marry my girlfriend?

Under Alabame law, you must wait 60 days after the decree is final. If your ex-spouse appeals the divorce decree, you must wait until the court has ruled on the appeal. All these rules are out the window, however, if your girlfriend is the same person as your ex-wife, because there is no waiting period to remarry an ex-spouse.


Anonymous said...

The waiting period for new marriage is for six months.

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Pamela Scott said...

Thanks for your comment. Please recheck your authority. Alabama law states as follows: "Section 30-2-10 Sixty-day restriction on remarriage of parties after grant of divorce or pending appeal of divorce.
"When a judgment has been entered granting a divorce in this state, the court shall order that neither party shall again marry, except to each other, until 60 days after the judgment is entered, and that if an appeal is taken within 60 days, neither party shall again marry, except to each other, during the pendency of said appeal."

So as you can see, the waiting period for remarriage is 60 days, and not six months. Thanks for your comment!

Bonnie said...

My sister was not aware of the 60 day waiting period and remarried only after about 30 days. Is her new marriage legal?